After being directed to using Hugo for personal website development, I took to the reigns (and online documentation) to get right into creating what would likely become my portfolio. I am interested in “complex” game design, where my definition is as follows. In an ideal world, there would be sufficient time to make multiple games where the player choice matters. It doesn’t just slightly alter dialogue or anything easily missed, or miniscule. It leads to majorly alternate endings that make for further individualized and immersive experiences. It is a matter of being focused on letting the player complete the story their way, from the predetermined choices. Each of these endings is equally as complete and thought-out as the others.

Am I foolish to be in the perspective of this ideal world, where I want my games to have these branching paths? Is that too ambitious? Too frightening? Am I foolish to think it worth it to test it out? The First_Project.html is a solo project I did in a few weeks for one of my digital media studies classes. It could be more extensive, for sure, but it showcases a lot of goodness that I would strive for in my game-making.